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 Note: Truthfulness is important to me, however I make no claim to100% objectivity .. my personal feelings and experience clearly influence what and how I write  -- What I write is also sometimes purposely confrontive in the interest of truthfulness and clarity..


One of the false messages of 2x2ism is that "losing out" or being an "outsider" is a very bad thing! 


We have been 'outsiders' for 21 years now .... and these years have surprizingly enough, been by far, the best years of our lives.

As "insiders" we were taught that the "outsiders" had the assurance of a lost eternity with fire and brimstone.

It was clearly suggested that folks leaving the fellowship of friends would quickly fall for all the evils of "the world" --- all the differnt forms of worldliness ... alcohol .. drugs .. sexual
 promiscuity -- Christmas trees .. divorce and children completely lost to the temptations of the world. etc etc etc.
Then there was  the 2x2 promise that "outsiders" have absolutely no access to a genuine spirtitual life and development. Not true!!!

"Losing out" is used as a threat for not following 2x2 protocol ... and "Losing out" is painted in 2x2 colors as a terrible place to be.  That fear is the only reason many folks stay involved in an organization that is quite obviously not what it has given itself to be.

We can warmly recommend the blessings and beauty in the lives of an "outsider"

Isn't it interesting that the prime factor in measuring 2x2 Christian membership standing (after the 'tested meeting' performance) is regular Sunday morning meeting attendance.  Especially with the fact that Jesus himself never ever seemed to practice or teach this all important 2x2 aspect of 2x2 ritual

Seems that the values that are important in Christian teaching are insignificant to 2x2 membership standing as long as regular attendence to approved fellowship meetings is maintained. 

Think about it, the most common method of "un-professing" is by simply choosing to reschedule Sunday mornings to different activitiy.   In the 2x2 world, this rescheduling will cause the sky to fall in!!!  .. regardless the Christian moral virtue that may be maintained.

From the dictionary --"Patriarchy is a social system in which positions of dominance and privilege are primarily held by men."

Hard to deny that 2x2ism doesn't fit disgustingly well into this description in its organization.  Sex is clearly an important factor in the organizational structure .... and this factor has produced enormous inequality, twisted decision making and injustice -- As well as many of the vile elements of male privelage  -- including abuse.

Saw a program this morning of Denmarks first female Imam in one of the major Islmic fellowships. Her description of problems in male dominence fit so amazingly well into the 2x2 male control mindset. (Ex. a completely different and unique set of rules for women!)

Where are the female overseers .. or why is all major planing and decision making systematically kept out of reach  for sister workers?  Is equality and justice exclusively a 'male privelage'? 

Many of the recent moral abuse issues are clearly connected to this "male privelage" culture that is such major aspect of 2x2ism.


What is self-righteousnes?

How can one excape this title if one openly regards everyone in  EVERY OTHER group in the  world to be less righteous before God than us? If EVERY OTHER ministry in the world is regarded as false prophets--- and we are the ONLY ministry in the entire world that is really true?
How can this mindset be regarded as "humility"?
Isn't this the maximum of self-righteous arrogance?

What is self-righteousnes?


What is hypocrisy??  
Consider how through the years, especially lower class membership has been harshly repremanded, cruelly shamed and even degraded and expelled for things like dress code infractions .. a glass of wine ... owning a TV .. a ring on a finger --- going to a movie --keeping company with or marrying  an outsider -- missing a meeting etc 

By the same ministry that has proven itself these recent months to be infested with the most vile forms of human behavior ... Even those that haven't been perpetrators themselves,  have systematically  protected and justified abusers  -- and then have continued to demand membership to regard these identified 'abusers'  as 'examples' -- and to follow and respect their leadings as "the servants of God"!! --

What is hypocrisy?


Looking back on my nearly 50 year experience within 2x2ism, I remember the thought that "losing out"  would mean a diminishment for  the capacity for a fullfilling life and for dignity in living. This was taught in every undertone in the fellowship --

"People outside the fellowship are unhappier .. less spiritual .. and more prone to the evils of a degenerate society.  ...Furthermore folks outside the fellowship have no legitimate hope for eternity".

Just for the record -- It isn't true!! Not even a little bit true!!!   

When we were expelled 22 years ago  .. we'll admit the future did look somewhat scary ... The inbred horror of being an "outsider" with no moral capacity was a fear. 

But I can honestly say the 22 years since then have been the most fullfilling and morally rewarding of my whole life.  I am an old man now ... but extremely thankful for the blessings that have opened up to me and my family these years. There have been bumps along the way ...but none of those 2x2 fears have come true ... and the fullfillment and spiritual  beauty we have seen is far greater than anything we ever experienced "inside the bubble"-

Edgar and family

When the Dean Bruer issue broke ... first responce was of surprise at such  horrible personal failing ...

Then as this bubble burst, a whole new list of sexual abuse documentation regarding senior workers started to emerge.  It wasn't so unusual at all!

In the last month or so ago abuse issues from deep in the heart of 2x2ism  now turn up on a daily basis

These last weeks we have seen that these issues are being dug up and reported from further and further into the past. Not just isolated cases but in a systematic manner well known to top leadership, suggesting that the myth of "The perfect way" seems to have been an fanticy that NEVER has been true. "The way" is obviously no more perfect than the imperfection of people!!!!  And it never has been!! 

Some of the abuse issues (female oppression for example) were even more prevelant a 100 years ago in the fellowship, than they are to day ----

Neither then nor now has it ever been even close to being a "Perfect way"!!! This "Perfect way" claim is a simple FRAUD progagated by folks that should have known better!

Perhaps the most important piece of doctrine within 2x2ism is in the completely unique and supreme status of the ‘ministry’ as they call it. - "The highest calling!!" Unexplainably -- a life in celibacy!! Folks that believe that just by their calling they have been given a higher and superior access to the mind and power of God, over ordinary, married folks with jobs and families.

They  take  upon themselves the absolute authority to proclaim what is right and wrong for all . A claim on a monopoly on Gods blessing over every other grouping in the world. They teach that God himself because of their calling and their celibacy, speaks to them in prayer in a more dependable way than to others. They believe it is their calling to determine what is best for "the Lord’s people" and to make up the list of things that should be discouraged/ruled out.  And they believe they have the mandate from God himself to both do it and to enforce these things!!

A recipe for corruption???


Countless  folks have been shamed, distained and banished simply for not accepting the ministries ultimate authority over right and wrong.  (my family included)



The Dean Bruer issue seems to have opened an enormous can of worms within the previously completely inaccessible, murky  and darkest possible corners of the 2x2 ministry. The whole issue is still pretty much an unholy alliance of fuzzy explanation, undefined promise of improvement, and a whole slew of new question marks for the future.

Remember that this  'ministry is the same self-centered ministry that has appointed itself as morally sovereign, and has claimed the title for itself as the ONLY true connection between the God of the universe and mankind.   ???





For folks acquainted with bibical history!

The children of Israel lived for years in Egypt ... They had an OK life there for many years, but a chain of events helped them to realize that they were being 'used' and 'misused' by a leadership that was becoming morally difficult to accept from any perspective of justice and decency.

"Moving on" became an option when they began to realize that things were very.very unlikely to significally change.  And even if they did change .. they were going to be run by the same self-appointed leadership that so obviously had betrayed and used them.

It took some shaking up moments -- but they finally understood the wisdom in  taking with them what they could gather as 'gold from the Egypt years" and then in "moving on". Which they did -- Into a future that at first was scary and seemed so unsure... but in the end served them so very well.  That's what I call 'faith'!
Think about it!!!

(We  experienced something like it 20 years ago --- and it has been by far, the best 20 years of our lives!!!)  We will NEVER EVER return to Egypt regardless how politics should change!


I may live on the other side of the world .. and I haven't had a personal tie to the 2x2 organisation for over 20 years. --- Yet the recent events in eastern Canada  by a group of obviously arrogant, extremely self-good and hypocritical senior 2x2 officials has sickened and disgusted me to the extent that I cannot just let it pass. 

It began, as I understand it, with an honorable and sincere sister worker, unable to endure an abuse environment she was working in any longer .. Chosing to quit "the work"  that she had hoped to give her life to -- and at one time had believed in.

In line with the honorable principle of "being a light in dark places", that many of us grew up to believe in, in leaving she courageously chose to describe  the environment of ugly and demeaning abuse that she had fled from. She is not alone amongst former fellow sister workers with these complaints.

Her parents, also in line with their own belief in truth, honesty and decency (and love for their daughter) chose to stand by her side, and help her just to be that candle bravely flickering for enlightenment in the darkest of places.  A responsiblility any honorable parent would, or at least should feel.

Rather than honorably dealing with the offending issues ... top 2x2 officials have chosen, in the selfish interests of protecting the "image of the fellowship", to diminish the seriousness of the sexual abuse issues she endured,. They have chosen to discredit and slander the honor and dignity of this honorable woman (acquiting her abusers)... and then as well, have chosen to punish and dishonor her parents in the ugliest, most painful and most demeaning manner possible.

How can participators in this  fellowship just stand by and look the other way and pretend? Is their no honor, decency or moral responsibility left in membership or the ministry?  What is moral cowardice?

I recognise the mindset from our own history

Had an interesting contact from a BBC journalist today (George Wright) who has got his eyes up regarding the Dean Bruer issue so was seeking information sources on 2x2ism. I told him that for me, the most objective and comprehensive 2x2 site on the net was  I told him that I have written extensively but I make no claim to objectivity. I don't hide that my feelings and emotions influence my writings .. but I do make the claim of correctness in any allegations that I refer to. 

I have also refered to  as a credible site run by  undisclosed "insiders" or "half-insiders"  -- set up to specifically deal with Child sexual abuse in the fellowship.

We'll see where this goes!!


Just found this TicTok video today, Thought it was interesting.
Somewhat sarcastic .. but making some very, very relevant points.
Seems it was made by an Austrailan woman with 2x2 history.

A TicTok video link

Perhaps worth noting!! ... These  recent abuse issues mentioned in the outpouring of letters from senior workers these last weeks, are nothing new in themselves. The abuse itself is longstanding in the fellowshp, and extensive in historical occurence. .. It has gone on for years!  It is the widespread public relations disaster that is new and unique.

Senior workers have been very well aware of  multiple clear abuse issues in years gone by .... but previously they have had the ugly internal capacity to diminish, deny, disregard ---and with well camouflaged motive, to  protect perpetrators --  as well as to shame and divert guilt to victims,   to effectively silence both victims and whistle blowers.  I personally, am aware of many examples of this from my years in the work.  This is moral vise in its most ugly form --- and no honest person can deny it. Moral crimes consciously and systematically commited by organizational leaders.

Of the letters from workers that have finally poured in about the abuse issues that have come to light, many of these letters have started with a complaint about the distressing news they have had to read and acknowledge as true.  The painful part for these senior workers is for the fact that so many examples have turned up and the details of such horrible things have become public knowledge.

Before we start feeling sorry for these responsible workers (and their PR disaster)... remember that every single abuse issue that finally has been swept out from under the 2x2  rug represents an enormous suffering for each and every victim the last 100 years ... especially for the vast majority that have had their pain diminished -- and in many cases undue guilt cruelly placed on them . and also, for most  that have understood that their abusers have been set free and protected by the hightest ranking "Gods servants" in the organization.  It s this pain is really what we with any empathy should feel.  Not the pain in a public relations disaster for the top ranking leadership.

We need to remember that reports of abuse of today are the results of a 100+ year  top policy of diminishing the credibility of abuse victims ... and actively moving blame away from workers ... of moving perpetrators to less suspecting enviorments -- The policy of regarding the "testimony" (public image) of the ministry and of the fellowship to be far more important than the cry of the abused and oppressed.  This does NOT come as a surprise to top group leadership. Every leading responsible worker has been aware of it, and this makes each and every one of them responsible this complete disregard for moral principle.

This by the folks claiming to be Gods sole representatives on earth ... the folks claiming to be Gods onle  true servants!!  Rather sickening.

It could seem that the issues of today paint the fellowship ín the darkest of its colors  ... However many issues date a long time back in history.  The senior workers of today are bearing the brunt of a 100 year old dark and murky culture, where protecting the image of the ministry was far more important than any moral, decent or honorable principle. 

The age old principle of viligantly protecting devient workers ..moving them to less suspecting environments .. and  the 100 year policy of shaming and abandoning victims  --  and of rejecting and surpressing any form of critisism,  has been a well understood  and well rooted policy in senior workers ever since William Irivine in Ireland.  Yet the communication posibilitys of today, have led to  failure in the group policy of camaflage, leaving todays senior workers high and dry!! 

Maintaining the 100 year policy of claiming a monopoly on  the will of God. The doctrinal claim to superiority over every other grouping in the world is going to be a challenge for workers to suport after this pr meltdown. This 100 year fruitless task  to maintain  an arrogant, self-righteous and hypocritical doctrine is the  forming basis of the moral embarassment of today.




Recent letters prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Dean Bruer issue was a well needed catalyzer bringing to light a much greater scope of reprehensible behavior within 2x2ism. (and where sexual abuse is only one of the several forms of abuse that has come to light)

Even more disturbing than individual personal crime, is how this issue has illustrated top leaderships  long term policy and  'dark' culture of finding inticate ways to conceal and deny the abuse issue --developing methods of protecting and relocating abusers -- and then a clear systematic policy of cruelly vilifying and shaming both victims and 'whistle blowers'. 

There is a major risk that the suggestion of a web page from 'MinistrySafe' or equivelent is only a diversion maneuver to side step the basic problem of what is an arrogant and hypocritical mindset claiming total monopoly on 'the will of God'  --- A leadership mindset demanding detail control over membership (down to what they may hang on their walls and how they do their hair) and then selfishly claiming superior Christian understanding over every other grouping in the entire world!



I know that 2x2 group membership and leadership would like to imply that the concerns that I and other vocal ex-members share regarding problems in the 2x2 fellowship are exagerated ... and that in reality just insignificant and isolated issues that are already dealt with. Not so!
I have formerly been involved with the FB discussion group "Ex-2x2 Support Group" which is only open for ex-members. 

Each of the recent thousandfold membership have had an experience of some kind of abuse or concern serious enought that it has prompted them to personally exit the fellowship --   the exodus process from 2x2ism always comes at a social cost   ... None of them have taken their exit lightly!! ... Those that have gone online with their choice, are only a small portion of the present exodus!

It is clear arrogance as leadership would suggest that these ex-members all are just "morally inferior complainers that are 'not willing' for truth"!! 

The  FB discussion group   "Ex-2x2 Support Group" is just over 1 year old and now has attracted 1762 members - 140 in the last week..    (2023-04-21)   -- and this is only one of a growing number of ex-member groups.  Take this development seriously!



Just wanted to say! --- I have personally decided to try to distance myself as much as honorably possible from the public ex-2x2 discussion environment – An environment that has occupied a certain (sometimes excessive) amount of my time these 22 years since our expulsion. I am 76 now so maybe "it is time"!!

There has been an explosion of new membership applications *  in  ex-2x2 communities  recently. With so many different and unconnected painful stories from the heart (several hundred and not only of sexual abuse but other forms of abuse behaviour ) that have emerged that there is no reason to doubt that enough information is now open on the table for honest folks to ‘weigh it in the balance’ and make honorable decision---when this should be a personal concern ---

Even in the 2x2 internal groupings of the "somewhat true and faithful" and the “moderately true and faithful” as well as the “fanatically true and faithful" there is enough ethically incriminating evidence blown well into the open at this time, for moral decency and integrity to do its work---if that should  turn out to be a personal concern for some.



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