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From 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group

Merlin Affleck Emo convention 2024

"You should put a gun to your head"

 From 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group

Merlin Affleck


Published on FB group AFTT (AdvocatesForTheTruth)

Posted 2024-07-13

Didsbury convention 2024

Shared on 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group


Propagating a lie --- Diminshing abuse


Posted 2024-07-11

Elders letter to Overseer Doyle Smith

Published on "Wings for truth"

Posted 2024-07-10

Kishe Colton
Hermosa  - S Dakota Convention Grounds

Shared on 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group


Published on "Wings for truth"
Netherlands Workers letter to Friends

A well written letter accurately describing the extensive sexual abuse issue within the fellowship and expressing a certain determination to deal with it.  Yet it does skillfully evade the hottest issue of them all -- "How and if perpetrators and enablers" should be accepted and welcomed in the fellowship meeting culture!"
t is this issue that has violently split 2x2ism in North America - 

FB group 2x2 Church Updates added the following note.

Some added context that we found interesting and worth mentioning is that there are approximately 250-350 church members in the Netherlands, with 12-14 workers assigned to fields within the country.




Workers Letter to Montana Elder and Wife

Published on "Wings for truth"


*The well written response from Eric and Marsha Fendler addressing the ministrys decision to effectively excommunicate them -   along with those who choose to continue attending their meeting.

Published on FB group 2x2 Church Updates


This post and the previous are part of the same ugly power-grab sequence.

The ultra self-righteous claim to be the "higest power" -- and the right to disregard their own miserable failures.


* AFTT response to this "Fendler" letter

Published on FB group AFTT (AdvocatesForTheTruth)

*A very significant recent hard-line policy declaration by 2x2 spokesmen!

This is an ugly declaration by the senior workers saying that unless concerned people regard 'the workers'  as the only true and geniume God established ministry (including those that are perpetrators and enablers)  -- and folks are willing to express commitment to this ministries ordinances and policies  ... these folks will be rejected from the  fellowship! and all others will be hindered from fellowship with them

This is, in reality an age old 2x2 policy from the groups begining in the late 1800s


Harsh letter to a Montana meeting demanding 100% loyalty to "the work" or else!


Published on "Wings for truth"
Also published on FB group
2x2 Church Updates




The Letter from concerned friends that began fhis violent outburst by the worker in Montana   Published on FB group 2x2 Church Updates

Pamela Walton posts a convention list


Pamela Walton
Administrator at
'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group
A group now with over 7000 members world wide.

This is a list of conventions where workers with "perpetrator allegations" have been made welcome.  Sadly,  Canada is well represented on this list.

Note that when 2x2 senior workers have welcomed folks with 'allegations',  it also indicates that leadership has choosen to publicly declare the surviving victims as 'untruthful' and that their sexual trauma has been deemed insignificant to the organization. 


Shared on 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group


From South Africa

A very sad and touching description of a 2x2 childhood .. written by a very courageous woman in a beautiful non-contentious manner



Published on FB group AFTT (AdvocatesForTheTruth)



From "The Brave Truth"
 a web site in Australia and New Zealand tracking perpetrators within 2x2ism

A visual from Australia

A visual from New Zealand



Written by
Andrea Cavalier
Andrea Cavalier is a senior reporter at the Independent

Another main line media channel takes 2x2 moral decay seriously.
(while 2x2 leadership brush the issues off as insignificant!)

Inside the secretive Church With No Name sect thatís under FBI investigation over decades of child sex abuse claimst

Published on FB group 2x2 Church Updates




 Background info from Wings For Truth

Regarding legal proceedings for ex-worker Lee-Ann McChesney who was arrested Tuesday January 23, 2024 on charges of Sexual Assault and Sexual Exploitation


"Court went well today. We have scheduled another meeting with the Court on January 22, 2025. Pre-trial applications will be heard May 27-28. Unfortunately, witnesses are to be excluded from both of those proceedings.

The trial is scheduled for September 8-12, 2025. We had to shift it from the August dates because the Court was worried we would not have a judge available to hear the matter."

  Published on FB group 2x2 Church Updates 2024-06-25


A work-around by senior workers as substitute for Ellershouse convention Nova Scotia Canada, that was closed at the owners request. (Owners expressed 'discomfort' with recent moral developments in the fellowship )

Information was posted here

(NEW) Kentville, Nova Scotia Canada, June 2024. To replace Ellershouse Convention the workers are having a three day convention at Kentville, NS. Meetings will be held from July 19-21 at NSCC Kingstec Campus. No meals or overnight accommodations will be provided, however, the workers have been in touch with Acadia University for rooms in their residence. Dorm rooms are single/double occupancy. There are also suites that can accommodate 4-6 people.

Shared on 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group


In principle this letter says that as long as  no forensic evidence gets left behind (witness),  molesting children is declared acceptable within  2x2ism and perpetrators protected  (This policy is justified by 2x2 bible interpretation!!) 

Not only have perpetrators been declared innocent ... those who have been exposed and victimized have been condemned as guilty of dishonesty.

By this letter 2x2 leadership has clearly accused and determined that the victims are  guilty of false  accusation--- And condemned to that shame.

 Highly unlikely they have the slightest forensic proof for this accusation .  These victims aren't even mentioned in this high sounding senior worker proclamation of clear self interest


2x2 Church internal Investigation in India Finds No Wrong???
Published on "Wings for truth"
Also published on FB group
2x2 Church Updates


A cultural acceptance of sexual abuse in India

A longer and more detailed 'YouTube' version of the CBC report on the extensive Sexual Abuse issue within 2x2ism

Secretive Christian sect under scrutiny for allegattions of sexual abuse in Canada

I found this link on FB group 2x2 Church Updates

A significant and explanitory documentary (7minutes) including interview input from a number of very credible folks. Folks known for their integrity and  truthfulness  including Bruce Murdock from "Wings for truth

Bruce Murdock

Darryl Doland's decision to Issue regional Guidelines for WA NID AK

Published on "Wings for truth"


'2x2 Church Updates' response to Darryl Dolands decision
From FB group 2x2 Church Updates

And the 2x2 moral circus continues!

Now the same organizational level that has caused these horific issues takes it upon themselves to make their own private set of rules and policies ..Policies non-aligned with advice from an independant group of professionals that had worked out a plan for child safety in the fellowship.

Now the apparent concensus is that every regional 'monarch' can make up 'his' own rules and policies ... Exactly the same personal flexibility that is responsible for the horrific immoral developement the last 100 years.

The active choice of the ministry NOT to accept or implement guidelines drawn up by the team that was meant to dimish the dangers of the Child Sexual Abuse and other Sexual abuse  issues that have proven to be extensive within the ministry and fellowship.

WA NID AK Staff Discussion re Guidelines


Published on "Wings for truth"

Guidelines Team Update
From FB group 2x2 Church Updates

Somewhat of a pityfull discussion made in a futile attempt to salvage   vanished organizational dignity!!

A relevant quote from Wings -

"There is widespread belief by workers that actions should be guided by common sense and the Spirit, yet that has failed over the last century. Being spirit-led, i.e. doing what I feel is right, has resulted in rampant dishonesty, manipulation and harm to thousands of victims and has violated Christís principles, virtues, compassion, truth and even basic justice."

ABC 7 News: FBI investigating 2x2 religious sect operating in Bay Area following alleged Child Sex Abuse


From  'AFTT (Advocates for the Truth')

Gary Paul

Gary Paul veteran worker interview   "CSA is not a problem" !!??

From FB group 2x2 Church Updates

Gary Paul, current senior member of the WA/NID/AK ministry, offered an interview to ABC.

In this interview, Gary states that women should not wear pants, he hasn't seen CSA to be a problem, the FBI investigation isn't necessary, and that the vulnerability of families with ministers staying in their homes is the way the ministry was intended.

There are many other highly alarming statements. Please watch.


Sheri VanDermyden Autrey

To be aired

Shared on 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group

Sheri VanDermyden Autrey

On June 13, 2024, ABC Hulu will air a 50-minute segment about sexual abuse in a secret sect referred to as the "2x2s." Part of the segment tells my story about being sexually assaulted in 1982 by Steve Rohs when I was 14 years old.

Since 1986, I have been pleading for the 2x2 leadership to protect other youth from Steve Rohs. They refused. I have since learned that my experience was not isolated, and child sexual assault and sexual assault is rampant in the organization. This has caused me to commit a significant part of my life to expose the widespread abuse in the 2x2s to protect others.

When I started this mission of exposure, I could never have predicted that 38 years later there would be a documentary exposing the massive amount of crimes within the 2x2 organization. I could never have predicted that my experience was just one of thousands; that countless other survivors like myself had been silenced for decades; or, that the 2x2 leadership would protect and promote pedophiles and perpetrators within the organization.

Now, the crimes and corruption of the 2x2s is finally brought to light for the entire world to see in this stunningly accurate and factual documentary produced by Lauren Lantry of ABC. Despite having to relive the abuse, I feel honored to be a part of this project. I am filled with gratitude for the research and integrity that Lauren Lantry and ABC have displayed through these last several months in producing this documentary.

I am only one of many survivors who participated in this documentary. I admire and respect every survivor whose courage and bravery allowed their voice to be heard in this documentary. My heart goes out to all survivors of the corrupt 2x2 organization. My hope and prayers are healing for each and every one of you.

Together we are making a difference~

A key term in recent discussions about 2x2 moral issues is "allegation." An allegation is essentially a well-founded and shared suspicion/suggestion of some form of misconduct. It does not necessarily require forensic evidence. When evaluating an allegation, the burden of proof need not rest on the identified victim but more on the alleged offender. The term "allegation" then remains active until the matter be conclusively resolved

This post is particularly significant to me because it addresses numerous forms of abuse beyond child sexual abuse. These other forms of abuse are equally pervasive and devastating within the group but have received less focus in current discussions.

Visitors to Canada with allegations (this includes Canadian workers labouring abroad) You will find, in the following google document, information about workers with allegations, who visited (mostly Eastern) Canada during the years 1972-2023.
Those in red font have CSA and/or SA allegations ; those in black font have allegedly mishandled or covered up said allegations.

****This document was vetted by investigator Cynthia Liles at AFTT.***

Shared on 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group



A contraversial document naming  allegations of many of the workers with top positions within 2x2ism

Visiting workers to Canada with allegations (May 2024)

Explanation from FB group   'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s'  

There has been some confusion about the two Google docs I posted.

First, they are not mine and I did not compile the information. The owner of the docs asked if they could be shared here and so I agreed.

Second, the dates on the document are the dates the worker was attending that convention. It does not mean that they abused someone at each convention they attended. There is also a column that lists their allegations.

Third, this was only compiled with a few conventions in Eastern Canada from 1972 to 2023. So it is not a complete lists of all the different conventions across Canada.

Lastly, since we don't have the information as to what year they abused someone, we just lists all the conventions they have attended.

I hope this brings a bit more of an understanding on how to read the two documents.


Grant Radbourne of Massey Ontario Canada pled guilty to charges related to childhood sexual abuse

Senior workers lack of concern in reporting was mentioned by judge

From FB group 2x2 Church Updates


Moral and safety concerns expressed for the convention at Dunville, Ontario, Canada

Published on "Wings for truth"

The horrific consequences of 'it happening' and then 'keeping the secret'


Yet another account in national news media regarding crime within  2x2ism

Religious sect investigated by FBI, NZ Police apologises to child sexual abuse victims

Shared on 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group


Another New Zealand Abuse survivor speaks out on national media
Damian Townsend

Published on "Wings for truth"

Another comprehensive (5 page) media report of the abusive policies within 2x2ism


New Zealand Woman speaks of sexual violence she faced in Two by Twos

Published on "Wings for truth"

A New Zealand media article exposing the ugly and secretive workings of 2x2ism ... and their intricate and dishonest methods of denying any wrong doing.

A link to Radio New Zealands audio report


Australian News Network Article

"Survivors of secretive Two by Two sect waiting to access National Redress Scheme"

Shared on 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group
Published on "Wings for truth"


Australian News Network Article

FBI investigating Two by Twos for historical child sexual abuse claims, including in Australia

Shared on 'Exposing Abuse: 2x2s' FB group


Eric Hawkins a worker on the WA/N.ID/AK staff asked to leave the work

From FB group 2x2 Church Updates



Letter to the Church

Published on "Wings for truth"

A well written and comprehensive summary of  recent  developments within 2x2ism.

Dr Natalie Bolin, a co-author of this letter, is an Executive Director at Advocates For The Truth



UPDATE Robert Corfield
From FB group 2x2 Church Updates



Information has been published stating that Robert Corfield (admitted pedophile) has been holding gospel meetings in the Great Falls, MT area.


Wisconsin ex-worker faces charges

Published on "Wings for truth"
Also from FB group 2x2 Church Updates


Evan Byers was in the work in Wisconsin 1994-2001. He married in 2003

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10.30 am May 10, 2024



NZ Ministry Fail to Alert Friends after US Abuser Visit

US minister revealed as sexual abuser attended sect's NZ gatherings

Published on "Wings for truth"


The international aspect of 2x2ism shows its face in indecency and vice!!


South Dakota Media Report

En extensive media (7 pages) report about the darkest aspects of 2x2ism that have come to light in recent times.

Published on "Wings for truth"

Hard to understand that inspite of the never ending reports of extreme moral decay within the group ... they still hang on to the self-good internal teaching that they are supreme in their standing before God. 

That they alone represent Gods people on the earth!!!!!??? They persistantly claim that all other groups on the earth are less favored by God.


Albert Clark asked to leave the work in Atlantic Canada and Quebec for allegations of CSA
 Letter by Johathan Freeburn

From FB group 2x2 Church Updates
Also published on "Wings for truth"

 Comments posted by

FB group 2x2 Church Update



Jim Atcheson (senior worker)   threatens victim  to protect Jack Reddekop inspite of multiple dsexual abuse allegations

From FB group 2x2 Church Updates


Cult Leadership figure in Sask Canada
Jim Atcheson


RNZ (Radio New Zealand) is New Zealand's independent public service multimedia organisation and is a Crown entity established under the Radio New Zealand Act 1995.


National Radio Broadcast regarding sexual abuse in New Zealand in a 'secret sect'  (2x2ism)

(a link to an audio file)

FBI investigates reports of historical child sexual abuse within sect also operating in New Zealand


(posted by 'WingsForTruth' with links to news items published in New Zealand)


Picture from mentioned NZ media article


The owners of Ellershouse convention grounds Nova Scotia have cancelled convention on their property
They feel "unconfortable" with the convention being held on their property!

(from Facebook group '2x2 church updates')
(I also received this information today directly from a personal friend in the region)

Also published on "Wings for truth"


Top leadership figure in Alaska - Dan Lawty withdraws from the ministry
Unsuitable sexual involvement!

(published by WingsForTruth)