This is a picture  my son Alfons and I took of the Bainbridge home in Woodstock when we visited NB the spring of 2024. They weren't home at the time so we didn't meet them ... but this picture is important to me, as to me it represents an enormous trauma and an extreme injustice that I understand so well. 

This is just a collection of the communication between senior workers and the Bainbridge family that own the convention grounds.

The short version is that Bob and Stacys daughter felt that the  sexual abuse she was subjected to in the work was more than she could or should take, as she recieved no support or understanding from senior workers. She then choose to quit the work.  Bob and  Stacy took this to the workers  which originally agreed with the complaints .. but later recanted and insisted that it was just an imagination from Morgan   and refused to do anything about it.  

There was ample proof and others that backed her story so Morgans parent   asked for at least an acknowledgement of the problem which workers refused and decided to cancel the convention. An ugly prestige issue from senior workers

The following are 9 letters documenting the communication. 

 Letter 1 Letter 2


 Letter explaining daughters
sexual abuse in the work

Workers attempts to
diminish significance of sexual abuse + threats
April 26th 2023

Convention  canceled
May 7th 2023


Document 4
May 20th 2023

Document 5
May 24th 2023

Document 6
June 11th 2023

 Refusal to acknowledge the sexual abuse  that Morgan was exposed to in the work.

And then using 'convention' as a weapon of shame to force compliance and silence!

A renewed  description of frustration and disapointment with senior workers clear refusal to openly acknowledge their daughters sexual abuse as morally significant. 

Also a well motivated and easily understandable  description of how the events of recent years have completely broken moral trust in senior fellowship leadership. 

To me very significant, regarding the 2x2 fellowships recent claim of a new and better handling of sexual abuse issues.

Decades and decades of an approved central group policy of systematically protecting and camouflaging abusers in the system … and of vilifying and cruelly shaming victims to silence --- yet 2023-06 still refusing to acknowledge a young workers life damaging trauma of sexual abuse by other workers while she was in the work. Obviously supporting and "blessing" the abusers involved. Imagine how this feels to a victim!!!

And then, in clear revenge, and in the cruelest of fashions, actively and publicly punishing her parents for bravely standing by her side.


Document 7
June 16th 2023

Document 8
June 23th 2023


Document 9
July 09th 2023


This has got to be the most absurd 2x2 series of development in modern history ....

All because of a simple prestige issue where senior workers arrogantly refuse to acknowledge the allegations of sexual abuse by workers that drove a sister worker out of the work. An organizational leadership that seems completely tone deaf to moral decency!!!

Some of us can understand the depth of  feeling expressed in  this Facebook post so very very well!

And although we can surely feel their pain, we can also personally share the assurence that as the Red Sea may close behind them, there is amazing harmony and fullfillment in a future life and lifestyle  gained by simply, and honestly doing what is right  and honorable.

 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.


Stacey, in this FB post has mastered the skill of communication!  The skill of so perfectly describing the capacity that major moral failure in a fellowship that one has trusted from childhood,  has of  inflicting pain and inner suffering-- at will.  An evil force.

However .. in an evil world and evil environment there can also be the amazing beauty of folks willing, to not just complain and condemn .. but in simplicity and Christian decency just stand firm in handfast ways to what is right and true .. regardless the personal cost. This is embodyment of the Christian spirit!

Further more, I have every personal  reason to believe that this present pain and "cost" is in reality an investment that in time will reimburse a hundred fold in fulfilment and blessing.  Both for oneself and for an entire family. 









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I wonder if anyone remembers the countless convention sermons promising fire and brimstone for a skirt more than an inch over the knees .. or for the evils of a brooch on a dress or a blouse -- or cutting a few inches off the hair  --- or the evils of a women wearing a "mans clothing"  -- or a radio in a car -- or a TV in the front room -- or going to a hockey game on Wednesday night .. or a beer can or wine bottle in the fridge .. It was regarded important to keep the "standard high" !!etc etc. Not any more.. 

Yes times have changed --- Heard that at convention this year in western Canada ... even the fact of 15 senior workers facing sexual abuse allegations (and concealing child sexual abusers)  along with hundreds of lower ranking folks "removed" yet it
didn't even make the 'mention it list' at convention. this year The recent documentation of hundreds of cases of sexual abuse victims being forced to silence and shame to "save the reputation of the fellowship"   and left with life long mental damage -- no one brought that subject up at all! at least at the conventions I heard about... and literally hundreds of other abuse cases finally being internationally brought to light ..  "Lets talk about something else!!"

And  this  isn't even deemed important enought to mention at the gathering of friends!!  What has happened?

I remember  when moral issues where important in the fellowship (with my parents at least)  ... not any more ... especialy in western Canada ... Professing folks in western Canada don't seem to "give a damn". 


Unawareness does not diminish moral responsibility when personal ignorance has been an active choice!

Seems that a well used method for 'inside membership' to live with the revelations of recent months regarding vice, cruelty and horror within the organizations, is to cut themselves off from the information flow that would distress them.

Willful ignorance!


Although it has come at a great cost .. there is an amazing beauty in all the different candles of moral enlightenment that have recently shone light and understanding in an otherwise dark and murky environment – An environment of purposely maintained darkness where the vilest of crimes have obviously had the liberty to operate – and go unseen.

I hope that all these brave souls involved (that we can now read about)  and that have proven the courage and moral strength to share enlightenment with us and others, can understand the beautiful moral service they have done to create an environment of purity and decency so that us others can live our lives in honor and in truth.
A very practical version of "Let your light so shine --- "


The recent letter (written yesterday) is a moving letter of the enormous frustration of parents at being cruelly failed, and morally abandoned by a system that they had honorably trusted since childhood.  Comparison is meaningless .. but I and my entire family have first hand understanding of their pain.

However, with that being said, we have full confidence that the steadfastness to honorable principle and moral dignity demonstrated here by Bob and Stacy, will find its way  to personal fullfillment, blessing and the amazing beauty of true principle that is really what life is all about.  ... (as we gratefully feel that things have worked out for myself, my wife and our wonderful family).
Edgar and family

Woodstock convention update

Here is a link to a recent document explaining the ugly and cruel development for the Bainbridge family and the convention on their property. This seems to me to be proof that there will be no significant change in 2x2ism until the ministry steps down from their high horse of the arrogant and self-righteous claim to ultimate moral authority.  The original issue was simply critisism of some moral issues regarding individual workers.   --  Simple, clear and noncontestable enough -- yet perceived as an unwelcome challenge to the ministries 'holy' monopoly on moral determination. 


I am only very, very slightly acquainted with the folks on the Woodstock convention grounds – Bob and Stacy Bainbridge – Just one short email exchange.  Proud of this acquaintance!

However, the chain of events that they have shared on other digital sources has moved me and touched a very painful but fulfilling spot in my memories. Also, this story has filled me with an enormous admiration for the price these parents are willing to pay to stand firm for the principles of honour, truth and decency that they believe in —These same principles that they have obviously believed in and supported for a long time. Sadly, it is likely (just guessing) that they will not find full support in many of the folks they have trusted, loved and served through the years.

The ugly attempts to challenge and reject the personal responsibility that all honourable human beings have to stand up for what is true and decent must be regarded as a mark of the very lowest of the moral low … Especially if they are being rejected and punished by a ministry that claims a complete monopoly on moral understanding and truth – (yet has proven itself so guilty (recently) of the most hideous crimes known to man).

Our personal story is not comparable in many ways, but 21 years ago we decided to stand firm on 5 carefully documented (non-contestable) issues that were  in complete conflict with the moral principle and dignity we were brought up to believe in. A process of discussion was initiated and resulted in crooked "work-arounds" diminishing the significance of every issue and then landing on our "critical spirit" as the source of blame, and how this bad and bitter spirit could negatively affect "the kingdom". Rejection of us as a family was the only option that was available.

For the Bainbridge family, it would be hard to find a more noble pursuit than the dignity and moral and mental welfare of their daughter. And yet why should it be so hard for anyone or any organization to understand their grief and be willing to comply? Sexual abuse is hardly a non-criticisable issue in any way shape or form. And where else in the world outside 2x2ism would folks be criticized and dishonoured for striving to support and stand beside a closest family member in their distress?

To me it is unfathomable how folks claiming an interest in truth can stand by and let this happen!!

Edgar and Mireille Massey


I may live on the other side of the world .. and I haven't had a personal tie to the 2x2 organisation for over 20 years. --- Yet the recent events in eastern Canada  by a group of obviously arrogant, extremely self-good and hypocritical senior 2x2 officials has sickened and disgusted me to the extent that I cannot just let it pass. 

It began, as I understand it, with an honorable and sincere sister worker, unable to endure an abuse environment she was working in any longer .. Chosing to quit "the work"  that she had hoped to give her life to -- and at one time had believed in.

In line with the honorable principle of "being a light in dark places", that many of us grew up to believe in, in leaving she courageously chose to describe  the environment of ugly and demeaning abuse that she had fled from. She is not alone amongst former fellow sister workers with these complaints.

Her parents, also in line with their own belief in truth, honesty and decency (and love for their daughter) chose to stand by her side, and help her just to be that candle bravely flickering for enlightenment in the darkest of places.  A responsiblility any honorable parent would, or at least should feel.

Rather than honorably dealing with the offending issues ... top 2x2 officials have chosen, in the selfish interests of protecting the "image of the fellowship", to diminish the seriousness of the sexual abuse issues she endured,. They have chosen to discredit and slander the honor and dignity of this honorable woman (acquiting her abusers)... and then as well, have chosen to punish and dishonor her parents in the ugliest, most painful and most demeaning manner possible.

How can participators in this  fellowship just stand by and look the other way and pretend? Is their no honor, decency or moral responsibility left in membership or the ministry? What is moral cowardice?


Edgar Massey

I recognise the longstanding mindset from our own history


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