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A key term in recent discussions about 2x2 moral issues is "allegation." An allegation is essentially a well-founded and shared suspicion/suggestion of some form of misconduct. It does not necessarily require forensic evidence. When evaluating an allegation, the burden of proof need not rest on the identified victim but more on the alleged offender. The term "allegation" then remains active until the matter be conclusively resolved

Guilt can correctly be placed on perpetrators -- and obviously on a leadership that has knowingly allowed this horror to go on in such large scale  -- for such a very long time ....

However today major blame also lies with the broad group of  ordinary membership that  cowardly have closed their eyes to obvious bad calls, and then even today continue to disregard the existance and seriousness of  well published moral deviation that has been life destructive for so many.

 Such folks that knowingly continue to participate and underwrite  this organisational 2x2 system  share major guilt along with the perpetrators and their protectors

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An infection that has plagued 2x2ism for years is the "under the bushel syndrome" .. genuine moral determinations by individual members must not be shared openly kept private! For instance ..no one agrees with the moral seriousness of the countless organizational dress code infractions for women that are part of the system .. or the condemnation capacity for the possession of a TV or the evil declaration of a glass of wine for dinner etc etc --

Yet open enlightenment as to honest personal feeling regarding the idiocy of these 2x2 identifiers is surpressed "under the bushel" - Don't want to offend leadership!!!

This appears to me to make 2x2ism the king of hypocrisy far greater than other groupings.

This is also a major factor in the development of the CSA scandal of today. 



Inspite of the well documented systematic moral deviation that 2x2ism has clearly hosted and defended the last 100 years or so .. it is interesting to note that the group still self-righteously claim that they have a monopoly on the "favour of God" That they alone still alone represent 'Gods people' on the earth. . A they still arrogantly believe and preach that the only true ministry in the world are those appointed and serving the 2x2 seniority system.