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Historic  access to correspondence  regarding the serious moral concerns and comprehensive illicit behavior revealed in the fellowship following the Dean Bruer issue  which broke March 2023

274 documents

Updated 2023-09


Recent reflections regarding
the issue surrounding
Bob and Stacy Bainbridge
and their daughter and the ensuing ugly efforts by workers
 to disregard and diminish serious offence.
Woodstock New Brunswick



Alanna McDonald
Sister worker NB Canada


Family event log

A secret society ?

Our Exodus Story

Beyond the bubble


The story of the event that opened up the floodgates of horror revealing enormous corruption in the fellowship




An older site probably one of the most serious and informative  sites on the net



WingsForTruth  is an older site that especially in the recent difficulties has built up a reputation for authenticity, objectivity and for reliability in many ways. 


It is becoming a significant dicussion forum on FB  -- over 4000 members

Advocates For
The Truth

A fast growing site of concerned friends  anxious to discuss issues of concern .
Over 4000 members since startup a few months ago. 


Connected And Concerned

Ex-2x2 Support group
Reporting 3200 members


Collection of writings

Tapes of Alberta excommunications
European High-Council 2005

Many of them directly responsible for the moral meltdown of today
Relevant Documents