A collection of 83 letters written from within 2x2ism
Describing abuse issues that is so obviously prelevant in the system and have been for years
Many of these letters are also available and originally published by www.wingsfortruth.info 

is probably one of the most positive forces working inside the system, to further the issue of transparencey  and openess.

 Document #60 is extra significant 

Left column is links to documents written by folks within  2x2ism.

The right column posts are my notes.

#82 Is extra significant for those in western Canada .. especially Saskatchewan

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Senior citizen urges patience in reform of ministry 83 June

Another anonymous poster that I am trusting in Wings that the author is a legitemate 'insider'.  In any case the issues and points expressed are logical, likely genuine  and rich in 'senior' wisdom as I can see it.

I am just noting that when any of us concerned 'exes' have expressed equally 'ministry' critical posts --- we have been deemed as bitter .. unwilling, evil, worldy minded and enemies of the truth. Expelled as directly as possible.  Ridiculed, condemned and dispised by the 'true and faithful'!!

(I did notice that this author explained that this is why he didn't dare to identify himself!!)  Says something about the moral level of the organization  -- especially the 'ministry'!!!!!!! 

Robert Corfield circumstances 82 May
Description by a professing professional regarding the circumstances around Robert Corfields confrontation.  Much more serious than previously described .. and a quote from the letter --

 "Those who also knew of Robert’s crimes and failed to report (Dale Schultz, primarily) will also likely face criminal charges. Dale was horrible to Robert’s primary victim and needs to be held accountable for that situation and many, many others he has handled horribly and with utter disdain for victims."
Thoughts from a Canadian elder in the church 81 May
A fairly long, well thought out letter -- Significant to me is that this seemingly very morally concerned ,serious and somewhat prominent (an 'elder') member doesn't feel free to identify himself by name with his honest concerns -- for fear of repercusions.  My critisism is not so much of him .... as of a so authoritive and mind and thought controling system where this ugly mind set is considered just "the way it is"!!
Overseer abuse of power 80 May
A well written letter by a concerned friend suggesting some radical adjustments in the organization --
Notification that Jeff not returning to the MN 79 May
Assurance that Jeff will not be returning to the worker staff regardless of investigation outcome.
Comprehensive letter from Perry Pearson to Dakota 78 May
A list of measures to be taken
Emails to and from Merlin Affleck and Michael Hassett re Burkinshaw and McChesney allegations 77 May

This is a perfect example of the typical sidesteping / issue ducking tactics so common in 2x2 senior workers with regard to uncomfortable confrontation.

In this case both Merlin Affleck and Michael Hassett refuse to give clear answer to several legitimate and important questions .. and even clearly backtrack on earlier information they have given.  Careful to make sure no significant information is presented or expressed that would give comfort to victims or other concerned folks involved. As I have understood from several others, perpetrator protection is a prime interest for these two.

Resources issued by Rob Newman to CA AZ HI NV for workers 76 May
Asking workers to check out web resource is OK ... but if moral responsibility is to be established, it is naive to suggest that web resources are more than a cosmetic development. Basic structural changes are necessay for meaningful improvement.
Perry Pearson clarification re Eric Nelson 75 May
I'm not sure what this is about or the signifigance of it ... but here it is.
Friends and workers meeting in Georgia re CSA and SA 74 May
Good that the oppurtunity was given for a diologe betwee workers and friends ---- but it could seem to me  like surface and non binding explanation to serious questions.
Ken Pinney removed from the work in NC/VA/MD/D


73 May
An attempt at justification centered around a 20 year old issue??  And how could know what the real story may be.  Diminishment of sexual abuse is a favorite of 2x2ism!
Jackie Shinogl CSA offender attends meeting in Colorado 72 May
Not sure who has written this ... I normally don't post letters that are anonymous .. This one was posted by Wings so I have presumed it is authentic.
Glenn Gasser letter to Wisconsin friends re former prisoners 71 May
Senior workers attempts to justify concealing the risks to children and families
Update May 24 2023 re abuse in Atlantic Canada 70 May

Continued refusal by senior workers to deal with documented sexual abuse in the work. Link to the
Woodstock moral meltdown.

Scott Hamilton removed from the work in Wisconsin 69 May
Again Wisconsin!!
Enos Bontrager attends meetings in WI after CSA
Howard E Ferguson CSA offender Wisconsin
Price G Turner III Wisconsin
Troy A Thompson Wisconsin

Wings has published these convicted abusers and explained why they are significant in determination of the suitability of 2x2 policy in handling this issue. The comments by Wings are essential to understand the serious nature of these criminal reports in the perspective of 2x2ism

 I have put them together on one post partly because they are all convicted in the justice system and all have Wisconsin conections. 
Also, because  such a large volume of sexual abuse issues are turning up in the fellowship,  there is a risk that indivudual cases and concerns will be drowned out.

Eric Nelson South Dakota removed from meetings temporarily??!!??

Including a well written, heart-wrenching letter from one of his victims. And how workers for years had actively blocked her allegations of abuse and instead supported this abuser.
64 May
Another example of a long term systematic policy of senior workers   protecting the image of 'purity of the work and fellowship' at the life destructive expence of abuse victims.
(Check the Woodstock issue for an example of the active continuation of this policy!)
Dakota Workers meeting May 19 63 May
A return to a "behind closed doors" secret society ministry!
Texas New Mexico workers workshop May 2023 62 May
Important deductions made in the document
• “This is something I wish we could have done years ago.”
• “I really wish that we would have had this when I started in the work.”
• “I am glad to see the transition here into everyone being able to express themselves.” • “It is clear that God is refining his ministry.”
• “This has been the icing on the cake of all my days in the ministry.”
Thoughts from the ministry
- Darryl Doland


61 May
Important deductions made in the document
•"The difficulties we are facing are more serious and far-reaching than I could have ever imagined"

 •"One important resource has been the friends who have engaged us in pointblank, constructive dialogue."

 •"All of us want change now." This point is at complete   odds with the events in Woodstock!
Woodstock convention update

A link to the Woodstock issue
60 May

This has to be one of the greatest senior worker orcestrated moral circus events in history!! .... And it is  documented evidence that there is clearly still no serious effort for moral correctness should the ultra supreme authority of the 'ministry' be threatened. 

Sexual abusers in the work continue to have a free card if  senior workers 'absolute authority' should come in question!!! 

A morally sickning example!

John Vandenburg clarification 59 May
An effort to clarify why John Vandenburg was removed from the work. Apparently some felt that the issue was contestable and that no relevant information had been shared by decision makers. (Typical!!??)
Ronda Stidolph leaves the work 58 May
No direct reason given but apparently an explanation may come. 
Robert Corfield removed from work 57 May
Montana & Wyoming worker -- Allegations from his time in Canada
Ron Hansson removed from meetings 56 May
Calgary Alberta - ??
Time for Change

by WingsForTruth
55 May

This a document written by WingsForTruth with a call for specific change within the fellowship.  Those responsible for the website won't  personally identify themselves .. so folks may wonder how I can claim these letters are from 'within' the group. 

Although Wings is not offically acknowledged as 'insiders', or as representing inside opinion, they are in my opinion, the closest thing there is to a reliable and objective  'inside' force with Internet presence.

In the recent moral and structural turbulence in the fellowship, Wings has been one of the major sources of transparency regarding what is really happening.  The organizational 2x2 group itself lacks both the will, the courage and the capacity to "tell the real truth"!!

Ronda Stidolph and Lucille Anderson re Steve Rohs 54 May
Minnesota sister workers regarding Steve Rohs attending meetings.
Attending meetings after release from prison 53 May
To be reviewed after Alberta conventions!!!???
Worker Douglas Ogden reported for CSA and removed from the work 52 May
Written to Minnesota and Iowa Friends
Concerns about convicted CSA offender attending meetings in Queensland 51 May
Explicit concerns about a convicted CSA offender still attending meetings. 
Leroy Sandford disclosure 50 May
Connected to previous letter. Again, perhaps somewhat insignificant from an outside perspective. But they somehow have chosen to make sexlife public!!
Honorable disclosure from the past 49 May
Dorothy Klebb Minnisota worker stepping down because of an old consentual sexual relation. Perhaps rather insignificant, and to me, an 'overkill' in disclosure!!
Letter from ex sister worker Maria 48 May
Long letter and touching letter of the 'worker experience'  of  a sister worker  -- now an  ex. after 5 years in the work.
Jim Holt notification that Robert Flippo no longer a worker 47 May
WINGS Note: Robert Flippo has been laboring in Maryland in 2023. In previous years, he has been in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. He also spent time as the overseer of Georgia. WINGS understands that other allegations are being investigated
Rickard Gasser advises that Russ Hall removed from the meetings 46 May
WINGS Note: Russ Hall is a former worker who was stationed in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Kansas throughout the 80s and 90s and now lives in Nebraska
Lyle Schober advises that Kenion Bryant and Jenifer Brown asked to step down for the work for unstated reasons 45 May
Very strange --- transparency!!
 Jeff Thayer steps down from the work
Minnesota Iowa
44 May
Seems a few question marks here
Jim Atcheson to Saskatchewan folks 43 May 2023 Finally an admission in Saskatcheway that the 'ministry' has  questionable issues
Disclosure and separation of suspects and offenders 42 May
Professional advice from a professing law enforcement training officer
Woodstock Convention cancelled 41 May
This is a horrendous example of total 2x2 moral collapse again.  I plan on a link of its own,  to highlight this ugly example.
Hodgie Holgersen removed from meetings 40 May
Another example of sexual abuse problems in the fellowship
Update from Stacy Bainbridge
Woodstock conventiongrounds about their daughter that was abused out of the work.
39 May 2023 This is extremely significant as it displays typical 2x2 behavior -- to deny, diminish and deflect negative issues.  (and then in a sinister way, move blame to the abused)
This letter awakened the frustration that we felt 2001 as workers refused to admit to any of the several moraliska failings we had clearly and specifically pointed out ... and instead blamed everything on our "critical and "bitter" spirit.  That eventually resulted in our expulsion. First letter is #24-
Merlin Affleck reply to friends in BC 38 May 2023 A reply to BC friends concern - with little significant content
Regarding worker Kingsley Stone removal 37 May 2023 South African worker because of sexual abuse issues removed from convention speakers list (Mountain Ranch CA)  and put on a plane back to South Africa. But seemingly attended a Sunday morning meeting AFTER the issue was known.
Advise to workers
 from professing psychotherapist

regarding the sexual abuse issue


Professional advise clearly implying that senior workers systematic policy of dealing with sexual abuse issues for the last 100 years has been in conflict with what had been moraly and emotionaly best for both victims and perpetrators.

 (Through the years, I can hear all the self-righteous claims of 'sincere prayers to God' and  that God had assured these senior workers that their decisions on the matter reflected His will!!!)  -- With the clear undertone the no-one should suggest otherwise!. Because these senior workers speak for God himself!!
John Mastin removed from work 35 May
Another letter from senior workers in western USA
Apparently the abuse issue is while in Pohnpei in the Pacific Islands
Report about Mark Huddles
34 April
A clarification of Marks status as worker
Regarding Braydon Dutton
Removed from the work
33 April
Another worker caught in the crossfire of organizational failings regarding the sexual abuse issue.
Open letter from Vancouver
Friends to workers
32 April

This is an example of a growing concern from membership for other forms of serious abuse in the work that have gone unchecked .. An overbearing mindset treating especially females as lower class subordinates with a duty to 'remain silent in the matters of the church' and 'keep their place'!  This  results in undue suffering, distress and eventually to depression.  Effectively destroying the moral purpose of their calling. 

Letter from Rob Newman
 regarding the removal of John VanDenBerg from the work

31 April
Another issue that workers have finally decided to come clean about

Meeting in Kelowna BC
regarding broken trust

30 April
A poor copy of a long document.  Pituful effort by leadership to explain away 100 years of efforts to disguise abuse and pretend that something now was becoming better.  As well as an unrepentant  attempt to describe group policy that has led to the problens of today.


Lyle Shober overseer
Texas Letter

29 April
A letter proclaiming an interest in transparency.

Alanna McDonalds Letter
to friends

an important read

28 April
A New Brunswick (Eastern Canada) sister workers suggestions to deal with the sex abuse issue. This letter is very significant!!

Walter Burkinshaws
 Police Investigation

27 April
New victim has come forward

 Alan Mitchel (overseer in



Refers to the issue but says little of value

From a concerned mother
 to the workers



A well thought out letter from a concerned professing mother to senior workers with suggestions

Letter regarding an
 ex-sister worker
and   abuse while in the work.
 Written by her parents

24 April
A touching letter written by the parents of a sister workers experience of sexual abuse while in the work and how it was (and is)  diminished and disregarded by senior workers. Shared by permission of Bob and Stacy Bainbridge  - owners of the convention grounds in New Brunswick .. regarding their daughter that had been in the work.  I am aware of several similar stories. 

Jerome Frandle
prison sentence

23 April
Senior workers prison sentence for failing to report sex abuse

 Darryl Doland letter to WA

22   April
April 2023 Referens to a coming website

 MerlinAffleck RegardingWalterBurkinshaw

21 April
Other workers reported as sex abusers

Wayne Bechtol letter to WA

20 April

Titus Lehman letter to
CO UT NV friends March

19 April

Michael Hassett letter to
 AB YT NWT NEBC friends April

18 April
Includes loud complaints about sexual abuse issues being reported by ex-members

Keeping the news hidden is important!
A link to a TicTok video about this:

This interesting aspect of information being relayed by exes (That Michael Hassett condemns) is by far the most reliable source of information on the enormous scope of 2x2 moral failures. That is an unconstable fact.

Robert Eberhardt letter to LA

17 April

Richard Gasser letter to Kansas

16 April

Merlin Affleck letter to Elders March

15 March 2023  


14 March 2023  

Lyle Shober letter to Texas
 friends March

13 March 2023  

Lauren Rohs letter to
 friends March

12 March 2023  

Jim Holt letter to NC

11 March 2023  

Jeffrey Thayer letter to MN

10 March 2023  

Glenn Gasser letter to
 Wisconsin workers and friends March

9 March 2023 Many earlier letters began with (Do not share or forward!)
A link to a TicTok video about this:

Florida letter Kelvin Naef

8 March 2023  

Dan Lawty letter to Alaska
 friends March

7 March 2023  

Craig Winquist letter
to Arkansas

6 March 2023  

Betharlene To ND

5 March 2023  

Dales letter re Mark Huddle 

4   March 2023 Further reports of other sexual offenders in the work

Amy Thompson letter
to friends March

3 March 2023  


2 March 2023 Another Link to a TicTock video
description of the crime.

Doyle Smith Original Letter

1 March 2023 Here is a video link about the Crime