Development Neccesary for Credible Sexual Abuse Prevention


It is rather naive to suggest that going to some evening course in 'Ministry Safe', a list for reporting

or similar is going to solve the issue!!.

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Developing a moral responsible organization would require structural changes

#1  End the unscriptural and idiotic celebate condition for the ministry
This unscriptural demand placed on viral and healthy young men and women, placed within an evironment of full trust and (in many cases) very loveable and decent personalities,  is asking for trouble!  

Sexual hunger is a well documented aspect of the human mind and being .. It normally does not develop into an insurmountable problem in the process of ordinary life patterns. The work is not a normal life pattern!   Denying its force creates issues like Dean Bruer -- similar issues in the Catholic church -- and the large flora of examples recently documented within the fellowship.  Should not be a surprize!!

#2 Implement transparency  in group financing .. in movement of workers .. and in the intricate   political structure ... including how senior workers are determined  etc 

 The group explanation of organizational ecconomics is a direct fraud.  Anyone with the slightest mathematical honesty will understand the vast amounts of money required to keep the system runing. This is not implying that excessive spending is an issue --- just that there exists an extensive and intricate fund system in the hands of very few. A monitary system that enables the organization to effectively function.  I did a study of it after our exit  .. and it is NOT manna from heaven!!!

#3 Abolish the arrogant, self-righteous and hypocritical "we alone represent God on the earth" doctrine.
A principle that effectively exempts top leadership from any moral responsibility toward any opinion or suggestion from anyone else in the entire world.  This is a dangerous issue, as in reality it opens the door for free interpretation on any issue and any principle -- regardless the idiocy or illogical deductions involved.  

#4 Put an end to the demand for unconditional moral trust in workers as the servants of God!! 
.. including the demand on junior workers  to disregard personal moral judgment in absolute trust in senior  workers.  It is this unhealthy trust that fosters issue like Dean Bruer, Dale Shultz, Leslie White etc. Allow trust to be earned but never demanded or unduely expected.


#5 Work to abolish the archaic patriarchal culture of 2x2ism!

From the dictionary --
"Patriarchy is a social system in which positions of dominance and privilege are primarily held by men."  Hard to deny that 2x2ism doesn't fit disgustingly well into this description in its organization.  Sex is clearly an important factor in the organizational structure .... and this factor has produced enormous inequality, twisted decision making and injustice -- As well as many of the vile elements of male privelage  -- including abuse.

Saw a program this morning of Denmarks first female Imam in one of the major islmic fellowships. Her description of problems in male dominence fit so amazingly well into the 2x2 'male control' mindset.

Where are the female overseers .. or why is all major planing and decision making systematically kept out of reach  for sister workers?  Is equality and justice exclusively a 'male privelage'? 

Many of the recent moral abuse issues are clearly connected to this "male privelage" culture that is such major aspect of 2x2ism.


In honorable organisations these would be quite normal expectations ..
However I fear, that they are principles that 2x2ism completely lacks the will and the capacity to acknowledge or change.

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