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Since the Dean Bruer issue broke, countless examples have surfaced of senior workers  efforts to conceal and protect sexual abusers in the organization -- and to vilify and diminish victims. A large number of these newly published documents describe  this.

Many documents here illustrate  the  wide ranging extent of this immoral policy. A policy that has been practiced internationally by senior workers throughout a longer period of recent history - Not just isolated incidents! - A group policy justified simply by a dishonest interest in falsifying the image of purity of the organization.

 Safe to say,  these leaders had obviously completly lost touch with the forces of Christian empathy, goodness and moral decency ... yet still arrogantly demanded respect/reverence and obedience as "the only true representatives of God on the earth"!!

Dean Bruer

One clear example of sexual abuse mismanagement
 In top level 2x2 ministry officials  

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That one senior leader in a religious organization should prove to flagrantly betray basic moral principle and basic decency is completly reprehensible. However he is just one man!!

Yet the even more serious moral failing
 is in the groups systematic and long standing organizational mismanagement that historically has diminished the seriousness of  the sex abuse issue, actively protected perpetraters, ignored and shamed victims  --- and deep down in its internal celibate doctrine actively fostered sexal abuse development in workers. This  issue is far from being 'rare' in the group. It is only the extreme nature of Deans crime that has forced the issue to the surface in group leadership. 

Check the red marked paragraphs below!


Dean Eldon Bruer was a senior minister in a fundamentalist Christian group often identified as 2x2. He was found dead of a heart attack in a hotel room at Government Camp, Oregon June 23, 2022 -- It became evident then of systematic and multiple sex encounters that he had been active in -- Systematic events that were registered on a personal sex account --   multiple  registered sex encounters, including rape, and sex with minors - the worst and most ugly  possible sex offenses.. 

Finally 8 months later (2023-03-20) an organizational leader that had become aware of this, went out with a letter confessing  knowledge.  The letter was meant to be secret and only to be shown to a selected few in the organization .. but somehow it leaked out to a larger organization of concerned people with previous 2x2 experience.  This ex-membership group put pressure on  this 2x2 leader finally to go to the police! (and to turn over Deans computer and mobil phone)

Introduction and explanation of my involvement  

I personally was a pastor in the same organization for 16 years of my life ... I was a member for 40 years .. I often expressed horror at the horrible crimes against humanity commited by other Christian groupings. --- 200 years of slave trade organized and run by Christian governments ... The ongoing sex abuse scandals within the Catholic church today. The ongoing revelations in Canada regarding the residential school policy of abducting native children from their families -- etc etc

Imagine my horror and shame when this issue within 2x2ism was revealed  (A group that seriously claims a monopoly on the favor of God!! claiming that all other groupings are "false prophets")  

The letter that finally broke the horror story


A link to the  letter finally  written 8 months later by another senior minister in the organization when it was no longer possible to hide the issue and the ministry was forced to give up on the hopeful  pretence that "it hadn't happend" 


Law Enforcements warning

When information including computer and mobil was finally turned over to the police there were immediately  warnings posted.  The end of March 2023

8 months later!!!


From SeniorWorkers
Regarding Sex Abuse
(Dean Bruer And
Now Several Others)

After the news was broken by an exmembership group   the end of March 2023,  multiple overseers felt the need of 'Damage control' and friends were informed from the organizations selfish perspective.  Here is a link to a typical such letter clearly admiting Deans behavior was long standing and for many was not a complete surprize. His sex encounters were obviously not only with those restricted to his sex-account customers! He traveled extensively. 

These letters also indicates that sexual abuse within the group is a well known issue, and involves many other folks besides Dean Bruer.  They are an important read!


Time delay


One reason the time delay is significant is that it is clear evidence that 2x2 leadership didn't plan on revealing the issue at all -- even when the issue was first documented by Doyle Smith  there is clear evidence that the information wasn't meant to be distributed to all relevant folks ... only a selected few and these selected few were clearly instructed NOT to share the document. 

Only because of a leak, was there any concern with dealing with the issue at all.  This is clearly criminal.  This culture of non-transparency is deeply rooted in organizational leadership  -- the paramont concern is to protect the image of the 'perfect way of God!'. It was shortly after the leak to ex-groupings that letters of  horror from senior workers all over the country and world began popping up.  This undefendable time delay  is significant as a credibility indicator of the group.


Efforts to diminsh  significance*

The extremely non-transparent organization has always been adept a hiding and denying anything that might detract from their own illusion that their group alone represents 'The will of God' on the entire earth. They suggest that every other religious grouping is ´just a collection of false profets.   Especially regarding sexual abuse accusations, a need that such issues must be either denied or if denying is impossible diminished to 'non-signicant' to the holy honor of the organization. 

Moving deviant ministers to unsuspecting fields has traditionally been a favorite way of dealing with vise in the organization -- This ever since the group was initially formed the end of the 1800s-

However this Dean Bruer issue is so extreme that it cannot be ignored or justified ... Therefor the only alternative is to diminish its suggnificance to the organization and deny organizational responsibility. --  (as well as to make the same empty claims as many times previously --- that important undisclosed things are happening to guarantee  'it will never happen again') 

I marvel at the indifferance some of the 'true and faithful' folks that I have spoken to show  regarding the issue!!!  Diminishing the significance of these issues is still the major project for all those that I have contacted.


  The issue of demanded trust*

Part of the core doctrine within 2x2ism is a demanded and unhealthy trust in the workers  -- especially in senior workers. Seniors workers demand unquestioning trust from lower ranking workers. 
This would seems to have been a major factor in Dean Bruers unchecked sexual development.

This absolute ban on moral critisism of either 'the way' or the 'minsitry' ... implys that this critisizm¨¨ is equal to critisizing God himself and is therefor to be regarded as sin.  This creates the perfect environment for both general corruption and especially for sexual freedom with folks lower in the ranking system.

This is a core problem!!  The mass-excommunications in Alberta were a perfect example of this core principle being applied and misused.  A large portion of those excommunicated were simply asked to express their full trust in the decisions of ministry -- otherwise they were banned from the meetings! 

Critisizm of anything within the fellowship is quickly defined as "a bad spirit" which is often then either upgraded to expulsion or to some of the many other forms of degradation and shame both for those in the work and as ordinary friends. 

(This was the justification for the expulsion of our entire family 2001.) Why is complete trust a core element at all?


The unscriptural demand for a celibate ministry 

This unscriptural demand placed on viral and healthy young men and women, placed within an evironment of full trust and (in many cases) very loveable and decent personalities,  is asking for trouble!   Sexual hunger is a well documented aspect of the human mind and being .. It normally does not develop into an insurmountable problem in the process of ordinary life patterns. The work is not a normal life pattern!   Denying its force creates issues like Dean Bruer -- and similar issues in the Catholic church. 

Where has this ruling come from? It hasn't always been so even in 2x2ism.


A complete monopoly on  the will of God*

This is also a core element in 2x2 doctrine.  A principle that effectively exempts leadership from any moral responsibility toward any opinion or suggestion from anyone else in the entire world.  This is a dangerous issue, as in reality it opens the door for free interpretation on any issue and any principle -- regardless the idiocy or illogic deductions involved.  

Is it possible to deny self-righteousness and at the same time profess a higher moral understanding than the entire world outside the organization? 

2x2ism has always specialized in darkness

A darkness that has obviously created an  ideal environment for the vilest of crimes  to find  freedom to operate -- and go unseen.

Without a doubt 2x2ism, ever sinced it was formed,  has excelled at constructing an atmosphere of darkness about a major part of its structure and internal politcs. 

For instance its entire financial system is kept completely in the dark so that only the highest ranking leadership really knows its extent or its placement.  However anyone who wants to can calculate its size --- the convention system with worker travel is extensive ... support of workers in foreign fields is significant .. the typical "20 dollar handshake" income is completely insignificant for all major expenditures.

The political appointment of senior workers is aspect that is kept completely in the dark -- even for those directly affected.

The political aspects of worker movement and placement (and matchment)   is never revealed or even discused outside top leadership.. perhaps one of the more significant aspects of the wide reaching CSA scandals  of recent weeks.

The pairing of workers and designation of fields etc etc

There is an internal environment of purposely maintained darkness where the vilest of crimes have obviously had the liberty to operate – and go unseen.


Most recent update.

  Relative Information will be added as it develops.

Edgar Massey ----

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* Core 2x2 elements that have actively fostered this corruption and vise.

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