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And he brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings.
And he has put a new song in my mouth,


 This is a testimony thankfully expressed by literally thousands of folks in the different ex communities today
Folks that are well acquainted with 2x2ism but after careful consideration,  have actively chosen the process of moving on..

There are both bumps in the road and bends in the road in lifes journey!



For folks acquainted with bibical history!

The children of Israel lived for years (multi-generations) in Egypt ... They had an OK life there for many years, but a chain of events helped them to realize that they were being 'used' and 'misused' by a leadership that was becoming morally difficult to accept from any perspective of justice and decency.

"Moving on" became an option when they began to realize that things were very.very unlikely to significally change.  And even if they did change .. they were going to be run by the same self-appointed leadership that so obviously had betrayed and used them.

It took some shaking up moments -- but they finally understood the wisdom in  taking with them what they could gather as 'gold from the Egypt years" and then in "moving on". Which they did -- Into a future that at first was scary and seemed so unsure... but in the end served them so very well.  That's what I call 'faith'!
Think about it!!!

One of the false messages of 2x2ism is that "losing out" or being an "outsider" is a very bad thing! 


We have been 'outsiders' for 21 years now .... and these years have surprizingly enough, been by far, the best years of our lives.

As "insiders" we were taught that the "outsiders" had the assurance of a lost eternity with fire and brimstone. 

It was clearly suggested that folks leaving the fellowship of friends would quickly fall for all the evils of "the world" --- all the differnt forms of worldliness ... alcohol .. drugs .. sexual
 promiscuity -- Christmas trees .. divorce and children completely lost to the temptations of the world. etc etc etc.
Then there was  the 2x2 promise that "outsiders" have absolutely no access to a genuine spirtitual life and development.
Not true!!!

"Losing out" is used as a threat for not following 2x2 protocol ... and "Losing out" is painted in 2x2 colors as a terrible place to be.  That fear is the only reason many folks stay involved in an organization that is quite obviously not what it has given itself to be.

We can warmly recommend the blessings and beauty in the lives of an "outsider"

  Edgar Massey and family


The willingness and courage to personally stand for moral principle should not be something dependant on group influence or outside opinion.